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The Beachhut.

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Conceptual brand design and associated assets.


The Beachhut is a fictive cafe inspired by the beach huts located at East Wittering beach in West Sussex. Situated in a prime seaside location, it offers a range of drinks and hot and cold snacks within a casual, relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. 


Inspired by our own love of the beach, and living in a coastal location, we wanted to create a conceptual brand identity for a business with a coastal vibe. We wanted the brand to have a bold, fun and friendly appearance  to appeal to a family audience. The aim was to design the initial branding and apply it through a range of assets and promotional materials.

The Beachhut logo


Using a colour palette inspired by the beach huts themselves, we created the branding using cool blue and white with a script typeface that reflected the relaxed image we wanted to achieve. Vector illustrations were used throughout to create a bold, fun and contemporary look and feel.


  • Vector illustration

  • Menu design

  • Poster and leaflet design

  • Card design

  • Packaging design

Brand Backgrounds.jpg


We have created a cool and vibrant brand identity with a relaxed and coastal vibe. The brand is versatile and can be applied effectively across a broad range of branded assets. The use of vector illustrations help to give the brand a fun and bold appearance which we think would help it appeal to its target audience of families. 

What Our Followers Said.

The Beachhut logo

Feedback from social media

We shared these conceptual designs on our social media channels and here is the feedback from some of our followers...

“This branding looks lovely and makes me want to go there."
" Absolutely love these - nice work!"
Brand Backgrounds (2).jpg

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