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Testwood School.

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Reflecting their vision and values through design.


Testwood School is a secondary school with academy status located in the town of Totton and Eling, Hampshire. The school takes students between 11 and 16 and provides a broad and exciting curriculum. Upon the appointment of their new Head Teacher in September 2023, a consultation with staff, students and stakeholders was carried out to review its core vision and values. This feedback was then combined into a new vision statement that reflected the views of the different stakeholder groups to create their new school values of Caring, Inclusive and Ambitious.


As Testwood School’s brand style evolved over time it had lost control and consistency. Furthermore, with the implementation of the new vision and values, some of the current messaging was not up to date. Therefore, a brand refresh was required to ensure that these new values were effectively communicated throughout their branding and messaging. However, as Testwood School is an integral part of the local community, it was important not to deviate too much from the well-established identity of the school.

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We provided the school with a brand refresh, reflecting their new ethos, vision and values through all of their visual communications and introducing a clear and consistent brand identity. Brand guidelines and branded templates were created for staff to use so that this consistency could be easily maintained.


  • Brand Guidelines

  • Branded Assets

  • Branded Stationery

  • Poster design

  • Presentation design

Brand Guidelines.

With brand guidelines in place, the school can ensure it's brand's elements are used correctly, effectively and look professional. Applied consistently, Testwood can build a recognisable brand.

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We have created a new suite of branded assets that consistently align with, evolve and strengthen the Testwood School brand, all whilst conveying the school's new vision and values clearly and effectively throughout. Furthermore, the consistency introduced into the brand design serves as a strong foundation to enable the ongoing delivery of a more professional and sophisticated look and feel, strengthening their standing as the school of choice within their local community.

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