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Bitterne Park Sixth Form College.

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Creating marketing materials utilising their existing brand.


Bitterne Park Sixth Form College welcomes a vibrant group of young people from across Southampton and beyond on their post 16 courses. They have a proven track record of achieving academic excellence and the Sixth Form is built around a personal experience where students are the heart and soul of the college.


The college offers a bespoke curriculum for learners with special educational needs and disabilities, called the Integrated Studies Curriculum. As this is a bespoke programme, it is not included within the main college prospectus or website, so some promotional materials were required to showcase this for prospective students and their parents.

Biterne Park Sixth form logo


The college already has a strong, contemporary brand image and logo consisting of three core colours. We utilised their existing brand style and colour palette to design some bold and engaging print materials which they could use to promote their Integrated Studies Curriculum and other bespoke enrichment opportunities at their open evenings or recruitment events.


  • Brochure design

  • Poster design

  • Factsheet design

  • Digital banners

Brand Backgrounds.jpg


We have created and delivered a collection of visually engaging promotional materials that align with the college's existing bold and contemporary branding, whilst showcasing the college's bespoke learning opportunities, in particular their Integrated Studies Curriculum to attract prospective students. 

What Our Client Said.

Biterne Park Sixth form logo

Liz Burrows

Sixth Form SEND Manager

Bitterne Park Sixth Form College

"As leader of the college's Integrated Studies Curriculum, I wanted to showcase the fantastic opportunities that it offers the students, and it seemed only logical to utilise our own design expertise for this task! I wanted to ensure they aligned with the college's existing brand, whilst injecting a bit of our own design style. The result is a clean, contemporary and professional collection of promotional materials that really help to sell the great opportunities we offer our students." 
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