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The Hayward Studio.

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Creating two separate yet cohesive brand identities.


Kevin Hayward is a professional graphite pencil artist based in Warsash, Hampshire. Kevin specialises in producing highly detailed, photo realistic pencil drawings and offers commissions as well as selling his artwork as prints. Kevin also runs graphite pencil drawing classes from his purpose-built art studio, The Hayward Studio. The studio space is also available to hire as a creative space for classes and workshops for the local community.


Kevin contacted us to help him to create a brand identity for his newly built art studio, and to give the branding for his own artwork a more sophisticated look and feel. Kevin also wanted a new website and various branded assets to promote both his own artwork and the studio space.

Kevin Hayward Art logo, a client of Coco & Bella Creative Design Co.
The Hayward Studio logo, a client of Coco & Bella Creative Design Co.


We designed a website with dual branding that enabled each aspect of Kevin's business to have its own clear identity. Furthermore, we introduced functionality that automated processes such as managing class bookings to save him time. We also support Kevin with the ongoing design of various branded and promotional assets.


  • Business card design

  • Calendars & stickers

  • Newsletter design

  • Flyers and leaflets

  • Signage

  • Social media templates

  • Website design

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The dual branded website has allowed Kevin to operate the two sides of his business model whilst retaining a separate yet cohesive brand identity for each. The automation has saved Kevin valuable time to concentrate on drawing and delivering classes for students. The Hayward Studio is now becoming established in the local community as a creative hub and has a growing core of regular attendees as a result of the combination of branded deliverables above.

What Our Client Said.

The Hayward Studio logo, a client of Coco & Bella Creative Design Co.

Kevin Hayward

Artist & Business Owner

The Hayward Studio

“Coco & Bella are the designers everybody should be looking for and I am so glad I found them! They understand me as a person and align with my business values, which makes them very easy to work with.  Everything they have done for me has been high quality, communication is excellent, and the generation of ideas has been a godsend. I’m looking forward to further collaboration as my small business grows."
Brand Backgrounds (2).jpg

Let's create together.

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