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Oliver Heer Ocean Racing

Media & PR Glossy Pack

High-end, slick produced media and PR pack to support journalists.


September 2023


Warsash / Hamble, Hampshire

Oliver Heer is a successful Swiss sailor from Zurich. The team have qualified to compete in the 2024 Vendée Globe, a 44,000km solo, non-stop, unassisted, round-the-world yacht race.

As part of our continued service and commitment to support the team, we created a comprehensive media & PR pack full of useful and interesting information, including: details on the campaign; statistics on Ollie, the boat and the team; race schedules with facts and links on each race, the locations and dates; sustainability; important contact information; as well as insightful and interesting facts on what life on the boat will be like for Ollie during the Vendée Globe.

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